MacDaniels Garden and Park is one of the leading residential property services in Nigeria, Abuja. Due to our passion to provide comfortable homes and properties for our clients, we are able to bear the sole purpose of maximizing the potential of our clients’ properties.
We ensure that no matter where your property is located, we will go all out to provide great service and satisfaction to our clients and our prospective clients.

Our vision

To be the leading providers of affordable properties

Our mission

As real estate developers our mission is to create the most favorable portfolio in our niche with the intention of creating great customer service to our clients with dedication while we continue to bridge the housing deficit in Nigeria.

Our core values

We have made our properties affordable for our clients, we have also made available flexible payment plans to meet up to both medium and high income earners as it should suit their styles. By doing so we bridge the gap of housing deficit in Abuja, Nigeria.

We ensure that no matter where your property is located, we will go all out to provide great service and satisfaction to you.

Our Facilities

  • Good road networking

Our road network consists of interconnected ways which are designed to carry vehicles and also allow the pedestrians to go through the roads without obstructions from vehicles. Our road network has been made accessible from all angles of the estate to allow easy transition of both motorists and pedestrians.

  • Central sewage system

Because we care about the well-being and health of our clients, we have ensured a central sewage system where all waste will be going into to avoid unnecessary pollution in our clients’ environments and to further promote cleanliness.

  • Perimeter fence

We have ensured that a perimeter fence is built for the safety and protection of our clients and their assets. This is to avoid any form of intrusion and access from property burglars and their likes infringing on the privacy and security of property owners.

  • Security post

A tight security post has been provided with security guards to ensure the safety of property owners. The security guards also ensure the protection of asset owners from other environmental hazards. The security guards do this by maintaining a high visibility presence to avoid illegal actions.

Our payment plan

Because we are concerned about providing great service and satisfaction for our clients and prospective clients, we have been able to create an easy and flexible payment plan where you can make payment within the time frame of two years.

Also, once you have made up to twenty percent payment for a land it will be easy to say that you can start building or developing your property.